LENX - special industrial sewing machines

LENX s.r.o. specializes in the development and production of special industrial sewing machines, accessories, spare parts, and auxiliary equipment for sewing machines.

The second dominant activity of the above company is trading in both new and used industrial sewing machines, ironing instrumentation, and textile cutting machines. The company provides a complete service for the entirety of the above items.

In 1998 LENX s.r.o. initiated the manufacture of long arm industrial sewing machines, producing 4 basic types now - each in several modifications.

These machines are intended predominantly for sewing the large-sized textile and synthetic materials as for instance canvases, tents, blankets, spinnakers, filters, etc., and for all the areas where the product is difficult to be handled on the standard sewing machines.

Contact information

LENX s. r. o.
Svatopluka Čecha 994/6
680 01 Boskovice
Czech Republic

IČ        26273373

Phone: +420 516 453 877
Email: v.pavlu@lenx.org